Saturday, June 16, 2007


So I've lost my glasses. I need them to drive and to watch TV, and it's a really pain putting in your contact lenses just to go to the shops. (I need to wear reading glasses with them if I want to read sell-by dates and the like). I lose my glasses fairly regularly; I suspect young Dan.

In the cupboard full of tangled wires in the Herring's office, though, I yesterday found the black plastic carrying case which originally housed my father's instant photo Kodak - the technology that lost out to polaroid, which is no surprise because the thing was the size of a portable television. It, too, was full of tangled wires. Tsja, I thought, pulling them out to disentangle them (I have so far tidied and taped up thirty eight different power leads). And underneath the wires I found - no, not these missing glasses, but the previous pair, the ones I lost last autumn. I liked them a lot, too, and they were quite unharmed. It was like finding two hundred quid stuffed down the back of the sofa, only better, because I don't have the hassle of choosing new ones. Yay!

I haven't found the camera yet.

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Spangly Princess said...

haha I love things like that. Rediscovering loads of clothes that you really like & which now fit again is a bit like that too, shopping without hassle. Now you need to put them on a string, like an old lady.